New build temperature help!

Are these results normal? As you can see I have nothing running.
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  1. 89C!!!

    Are you sure the cpu cooler is attached correctly? Your computer could fry!
  2. WOH!!!! 89C is hot hot hot! At idle with stock cooling, I would expect to see around 40 degrees not double that! Check you have seated your cooler correctly and it is tight on the board and cpu. Check your thermal paste (remove and re-apply). What cooler are you using, advise NOT to use stock cooler when overclocking!!!!!

    Looking at the rest of your temps, which are nice and low, it would indicate that your CPU cooling is not correct otherwise, your motherboard temp would be high as well as other components.

    I see you have your i7 overclocked, I have my i5 overcloked from 2.6 to 3.4 and my temps never go above 55C on full load but I do have water cooling.

    I would also suggest using CoreTemp to monitor your CPU temp as apposed to SpeedFan, never trusted that program.

    If you still don't notice any drops are re-installing the cooler and thermal paste, try removing the overclock and check your temps, then begin overclocking slowley.
  3. Also check your CPU cooler is working OK, fan spinning and is plugged into a 3/4 pin 'CPU' fan connector on the motherboard. Also, what other fans do you have in your case, any push/pull system???
  4. I have 3 case fans. One at the bottom front pulling air in. One at the back top and one on the top at the back, both pushing air out. I haven't overclocked my system, I just bought the K version as I might in the future.
  5. the fan is obviously working as there is a reading of 1100RPM.
  6. I'm going to double check that the Stock fan is secure. If it's not that, what else could it be?
  7. do you have thermal paste on the CPU?
  8. Thermal paste was pre applied to my knowledge with cpu
  9. Edit - I thought I didn't have to use thermal paste unless I was using a after market CPU fan? Thanks
  10. Unless the fan comes with paste pre-applied, you will need paste.
  11. That's what I mean, I thought the Intel stock ones did. I was removing it and double check and get back. Thanks
  12. describe your steps to installing your cpu

    did u have any issues??
    i reseated my 2500k 4 times and idle at 28-30 according to hwmonitor
  13. Sorry, thought your CPU was at 4.4GHz, not 3.4GHz, should have looked closer, my bad.

    First off, your case fan setup sounds OK, cool air in the front, hot air out the back. Yes, check your heatsink is secure and tight to the m/board. And agree, check your thermal paste and/or change it with AC5 or similar.

    gooseta, yes the fan is running at 1100rpm but at 89C, surley it should be running alot faster than that???

    Check your BIOS settings? AMD has Cool'n'Quiet for its CPU's, can't remeber what Intel have. Do you use any software to control your fans?
  14. How I installed -

    Lifted up the lock thing lol.
    Gently placed the cpu in the correct way
    Pushed the lock back down
    Placed the stock fan into the 4 pins.

    I can't use software to control my fans ( I don't think ) as my fans are connected directly to the power supply and not the mobo. That program which showed me the temperature ( picture above ), I think that can control them? Not sure?
  15. If your fans are connected via your power supply (molex connectors), then no you can't control them with software. SpeedFan can control fans but only fans that are connected to the m/board. Your CPU fan should be connected to your m/board via either a 3 or 4 pin connector, is yours?
  16. Yes, via a 4 pin connector. The CPU fan is definitely spinning
  17. Your screen shot shows the CPU fan at 1130rpm, does it get any faster or vary in speed at 89C? Have you looked at your BIOS settings for hardware temperature monitoring?

    I think the 4pin fans can monitor and control the fan.
  18. No, I'm going to have a look in the BIOS just now. Does stock fan comes with thermal paste?
  19. Edit. The i7 2600k has some form on thermal paste. 3 Little strips of it. I'm kind of lost to what it actually is. Is it possible to have a faulty cpu? Everything else on the computer is fantastic. My rendering times are SUPER quick.
  20. Checked it BIOS, varied from 87 - 91. Little worried now.. Lol
  21. All OEM CPU's, unless brought 2nd hand, come with Thermal Paste as standard. It is possible you do have a faulty CPU but woud have expected a drop in performance as well but you don't mention that.

    Google image results of Thermal Paste on CPU's, so you have an idea:

    Thermal paste is very important to help transfer heat form the CPU to the heatsink.

    Were did you buy the CPU, go back to them and explain your situation and see what they say. If the CPU is seated correclty as well as the heatsink/fan combo and it has plenty of thermal paste, no reason for it to be such high temps unless you have a virus or something running in the background eating your CPU performance???
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