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I think my network came to a near halt last year when Verizon tried to tweak settings on bad DSL connection but I can't be sure that's when it started. I've done a lot of research and tried to get support from router OEM with no success. Recently I found PCA USA's Network Traffic Generator Test. I get the same results with both my new n router (D-Link DIR-655) and my old g (Linksys WRT54G). The results are on a wireless n connection I get about 6 Mbps and on wired I get 3 Mbps. This is between my desktop running the DSL & router and a laptop. When I got the same results with both routers I figured that wasn't the problem and that it was something with the setup of the desktop. I ran the test between two laptops but could only get it to work on wireless and I got 17 Mbps. Something must be up with the desktop, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can you provide a rundown of how everything is wired? What is the DSL modem connecting to? What is the desktop connected to and how? etc. etc.
  2. DSL is wired to Router (D-Link or Linksys, same result). This isn't posing a problem as Verizon wireless is so slow that my super slow network is still faster!

    Windows 7 Desktop is wired to the Router always, no wireless card.

    The PS3 can be wired to the Router or operates wireless. This slowdown is only known to me because I like to view our family photos on the LCD in the family room through the PS3. It used to take a second to view a photo, now it takes 10-15 seconds or more. I also noticed that I was getting better results by switching to the wireless which made no sense to me at all. This prompted me to run the tests described in the original post.

    I have one Windows 7 laptop that I used for most of the Network Traffic tests and tried both wired and wireless (n).

    I have one Windows XP laptop that I used but I was only able to get it to work wirelessly (g). That's how I got the 17 Mbps. I cut out the desktop completely and ran the test from laptop to laptop.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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