[HELP] CPU, MOBO, RAM Compatibility

Hi guys, I really need a big help.
I just purchased these following items from

AMD Bulldozer FX-8120 3.10GHz (4.00GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 8-Core Processor

GeiL Enhance CORSA 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-10666MHz 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit

MSI 760GM-P23-FX AMD 760G (Socket AM3+) DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard

I need to ask if my CPU is compatible with the motherboard?
will it run fine?
how about the RAM?
any chance of overclocking?
does the motherboard suppport FX chipsets after all?

Please guys help me, so atleast I can still cancel it before it will be sent from me :(
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  1. for building a new budget gaming PC.

    and i've been seeing rumours about the MSI 760GM-P23 board can't handle 8core and not booting up, this is why i am freaking about abit.

    So the 8core will just run fine with that motherboard??

    is the 8120 95w? or 125w?


    gee im going crazy
  2. I do not need 2500k, because at windows 8, the 8 core surely beats 2500k, plus 8 core is useful for freak people like me that runs alot of virtual machines. but all I want to know if it will boot up on that 760g motherboard or not >.<
  3. anyways thanks, i guess you just dont like people who buy bulldozer cuz clearly you shows that you are an intel fanboy.
    i really dont care with amd or intel, what I want is that goes to my budget.

    but thanks anyways.
  4. this is the real me lol,

    but with what you said " If that motherboard does not work.... find one that does "

    that clearly shows that you are just not into AMD fan boys, well im not fanboy, but doesnt matter anymore, i got my answer from other guy who is actually nice, rather than a sarcastic fanboy.

    *request topic to be deleted as I got my answer already

    Why buy an over priced, under performing FX CPU to sit on a modded antique chipset though?

    Phenom II and a 970 or 990 chipset board would have cost less and performed as well/better.

    Or Z68 and Intel would have cost more but performed better.

    FX are cr@p the cheap ones perform terribly worse than the older phenom II and the expensive ones cost i5 2500k money and dont come near it in gaming performance.

    edit* oh by the way it doesnt have 8 actual cores
  6. Well, it sort of does - as long as all eight cores are doing integer stuff.
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