Did I receive a faulty 6950 graphics card?

So I just got a HIS IceQ X Turbo X Graphics card (2gb) from newegg.

Using ASRock Extreme 4 Gen 3 mobo and 650w Rosewill modular PSU, and a intel 2500k proc.

If I don't have the card plugged in, system turns on, beeps 5 times and shows error code 6d "no output console"

If I do have the card plugged in, the system acts as if it has no power. No fans, no beeps, not a sign of life from the system.

I just put the card in another confirmed working system with a working PSU/mobo etc. and I noticed it is doing the same thing to that system. When I hit "power" I hear a click as if it wants to turn on but then nothing after.

At this point I'm assuming RMA the thing...
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  1. That would be the smartest thing to do ... RMA it.
  2. Thinking to do so, just sucks before a nice weekend and SKYRIM release!

    Put an older 5770 in the new system and it booted up to UEFI perfectly.

    Weird, always thought if the card was faulty it would boot indicating so, not prevent the whole system from actually powering on!

    With 1 day shipping originally + and now RMA back I'm out 15% of the card's value... womp!
  3. The system cannot get to POST without a working graphics card, which is even before you can access the BIOS
  4. I feel for you I just built a new pc for Skyrim..which is now sitting here on my desk untouched because of what I believe a faulty XFX 6970 from New Egg..no signal what so ever...what a let down..
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