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Best mobo capable of multi-tasking


I am going to build my wife a pc seeing how she constantly struggles with most electronics. I wanted to know what would be the best mobo/build for a student that would need great multi-tasking and video rendering. T

Thank you guys for your replies.
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  1. Need a budget, and what items you need to order. I use craigslist for used stuff. Found a dual core amd with gigabyte htpc board and 3 gb of ddr2 for only $40 yesterday.
  2. sorry for the late reply. All that I have left to order is a mobo, chassis, hard drive(s), cd/dvd burner, wireless pci card, and usb 2.0 hub. Budget wise...i would say about 250-300 (if possible).
  3. And which is the cpu that you have ? The most important thing in productivity will be the cpu, as long as it's a decent motherboard it will do.
  4. I bought an amd athlon II x4 640
  5. That cpu isn't that good(i would've get the x4 965 BE or the FX-6300), but since you already bought it, here's two motherboards :
    A maxt one :
    And a standard atx one : (it's 85.5$ with promo code 10% off)
  6. Between Gigabyte and Asus, which is a better bet?
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    The asus is better, it's also more expensive, the gigabyte is a decent budget motherboard though.
  8. OK. got it. thank s for advice djangoringo.
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