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hello does anyone know why MW3 only uses about 40% of my gpu when every other game inc BF3 uses 99%??

plus i can only get about 45 fps when its not using the full power of the card?

also im running the xfx hd6870 along with the phenom 2 x4 955 and 4gb ram
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  1. Not every game uses resources the same. It sounds to me like your GPU is the bottleneck in BF3, and your CPU is the bottleneck in MW3. Since you have a 955 you should try overclocking it and see if more of your GPU is used and if you get a better FPS.
  2. it cant be bottleneck in bf3 as it uses 99% gpu power all the time in that game its just MW3 that it only uses about 40%. MW3 is the only game that doesnt use most of the power also my cpu is oc to 3.9ghz prime95 stable
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