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I am looking for a gaming desktop to supplement my laptop, as the laptop isn't exactly a gaming beast (no surprise there). I am on a budget, and am looking for a solid gaming PC in the $800-$900 price range, preferably. I wish that I could put together my own computer, but I find it difficult to argue with a lot of the pre-built PCs in my price range. I found this on Newegg:


and it looks too good to be true. My question is, is it? Based on reviews, the majority of buyers seem to have a good experience with it, but there is a group of people for whom the computer seems to have been nothing but trouble. Now I figure that most people who write reviews are going to be doing so because they have something to gripe about, but is this machine going to be worth the $900? Are there any red flags that will likely need taking care of in the near future (including PSU, new case, etc.), any problematic areas where costs were obviously cut? Or should I be focusing my efforts elsewhere? Nobody likes to waste money, but it is quite important that I get my money's worth, and I am hoping that anybody more experienced than I can help me out here. Some other pre-builts of interest include:


and, though it's a bit over-budget, this:


What do you all think? Is there something much better out there for roughly the same price? Would I be better of building my own (I would LOVE to do this if I could afford something high-quality)? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. That cyberpower system seems very good for the price.
  2. I am a AMD lover but


    seem to be so nice to have one.
  3. andywork78 said:
    I am a AMD lover but


    seem to be so nice to have one.

    I am very curious about that particular PC. The specs are quite impressive but some reviews have me worried. Do you think it would be a better idea to build my own? I've looked at this:


    and it has me quite convinced that it may be the way to go (or something near that build). Between the Radeon HD 6850 and the GeForce 560 Ti, which video card has the edge?
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