MSI 460 GTX Can't UPdate Driver

I want to update my drivers from the ones that are on the MSI website which are more than a year old(259.22) to the current ones on the Nvidia Website, but every time I try to install it (even after cleaning it with Driver Cleaner) it always fails. It will start installing it, get to a certain point and then fail every single time. Is there any workaround for this? Are there any better drivers I can use? Please help!


Windows XP 32 Bit
MSI Cyclone 460 GTX 1GB/OC
XFX nForce 780i Mobo
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  1. Have you tried in safe mode?
  2. Yeah I tried it in safe mode and got the same result. It always says "install failed" and I really have no idea why.
  3. Hello...

    1) Your download of Update could have been bad... Re-download.

    That card/update has multi media-drivers too...

    2) disable ON-board sound and/or network hardware in Bios, and try re-install, if sucessful, turn on each one at a time and let drivers for this hardware be recognized on each new boot of Windows.
  4. Still nothing working...this is being really frustrating. It seems like its a common problem of drivers failing on the Nvidia website...but is there any workaround?
  5. you got nice card why not get your self windows 7? the card main feature is dx11 that only available in win 7. maybe the driver team are putting more focus on win vista/win 7 driver package so they might be a bit sloppy with win xp driver. just my personal opinion though.

    btw did you really sure you get the right version of driver for your OS? if the clean install from nvidia installer does not work for you try using program like driver sweeper to clean the driver left over before installing the new driver. also if the beta driver does not work for you try to get the WHQL one. if you still have the problem after all that i think you should go to nvidia official forum. they got feedback thread for drivers. maybe you can get your answer there
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