ATX Mid Tower Case Reccomendations?

Ok, I'm collecting parts to build a TBird system. But I need some help finding a case!

What I'm looking for:

300w PS, bonus for quiet & reliable
>= 2 5.25 external bays
2 3.5 external bays
>= 2 3.5 internal bays (Not shared with external 3.5)
Front USB ports
front & rear case fan mounts
< US $100.00
Reasonable quality & appearance

Any reccomendations?

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  1. I would go with one from Enlight. they are great.
    here's one you can take a look at.


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  2. Yup!
    Enlight´s the one!
    They make some of the best Computer cases on the market, they´re not too expensive and they look good too!

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