Computer Shorts every 5 minutes

Strange I know, but as of this morning at around 5 minutes of operation time, the computer will freeze the screen will flicker. When I reboot a get a a long beep then two short beeps to follow it from the computer speaker on startup, where it continues to do nothing. It has happened three times in a row now and hasn't had any problems like this before. Any Ideas?
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    Video card issue, could be faulty, if has power cable connected, that cable or the psu itself could be faulty or even the slot on the motherboard the video card is in could be faulty.
  2. Here's some trouble shooting things you can try.

    If you have a CPU with integrated graphics pull out the video card, go into BIOS and enable onboard graphics and see what happens.

    Answer- If everything works alright than you know either the video card or PCI-e slot is at fault.

    If you have a spare video card or know someone with a spare take out the old video card and replace it with the spare and see what happens

    Answer- If the problem goes away it's the original video card you were using. If the problem continues than it's probably a bad PCI-e slot
  3. Thank you das_stig, it was in fact a video card issue, changed the video card connector. The old one looked like it had some fire damage done to it because the plastic had blackened with smoke...
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