Wireless connection very slow and keeps dropping on new PC


This is probably not the right place to put this but anyway....

I have just built a second system the basis of which is an AMD A8-3870 and the Gigabyte A75M-UD2H!

The wireless connection is incredibly slow and continuously disconnects. Its so bad it takes about 30 mins of constant trying to load this website. The adapter I am using is the Edimax EW-7711Usn!

This adapter is the one from my main rig and it works absolutely fine, the PC's are also the same distance from the router and the aparent reception is the same. I have tried with both the default windows drivers and the correct ones from the manufacturer.

I am completely lost!! Any ideas where the fault could be??

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  1. Have you tried unplugging your wireless router, and plugging it back in (the power, that is) and then testing it out again?

    That's a USB wireless adapter right? Make sure theres no electrical devices near your wireless adapter when you use it (power plugs, power strip bars, phones).
  2. If you hard wire it do you experience slowness too?
  3. Yes it is a USB wireless adapter. I have tried resetting the router by unplugging the power, no luck.

    No power devices, well apart from the PSU of the actual computer that is. Which is currently making a very strange buzzing sound so I am looking to RMA that. However, I have also tried plugging the adapter into the front USB socket and that didn't improve anything.

    Will try using a Ethernet cable and get back to you, thanks.
  4. OK, just tried with Ethernet and the connection is great.

    Could it be that my adapter is simply not compatible with my chipset or something?

    The adapter is the Edimax EW-7711USn
  5. Hmm it's possible, maybe the adapter doesn't like to play nice with your set up.

    One more thing - I used to have massive problems with my wireless card on my laptop - I wasn't able to connect to any wireless networks, if i did it would only connect for a few minutes then disconnect again, as if the wireless card didn't know whether to be on or off.

    What solved my problem was - I had to install an "unofficial" custom made driver by some guy who was having similar issues. It was an Atheros Wireless chipset - and this "Unofficial" driver works 100x better than the "official" one. YMMV.

    Have you tried updating your motherboard chipset? As well as your USB drivers for your motherboard?

    Also - some Wireless cards have the option to increase or decrease signal strength in the driver properties, have you tried seeing if it has this (and increasing the signal strength)?
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