CPU Fan + Superglue

So I've spent the day cleaning all the dust bunnies out of my pc and I took the fan off the cpu to properly get all the grime out but when I tried to put it back in some of the plastic pins that are there to secure the fan to the cpu were broken.

So I may have done something pretty stupid as I've put superglue around the holes (that are there for the plastic pins to fit in) so it stays on there because I had no other way for it to sit there steady. (I applied it quite lightly)

So finally here is the question. Am I in danger of the glue melting back into a liquid?

I didn't really think about it when I was doing it (dust intoxication if you will) before I cleaned it coretemp told me my cores were hitting around 80c when I was stressing it out. Now it's cleaned out I doubt they'd hit that much (and I don't really want to try until I get an answer)
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  1. No Superglue works great for that kind of thing as long as the bond was solid enough to remount the fan you'll be fine.
  2. Well that's a relief.

    I left it to dry for a good couple of hours and it was solid as a rock when I wiggled it so hopefully all is well.

    Thank you!
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