Attache and Teacher badges

I didn't see this question come up in the sticky about points and badges, but how does one:

Answer calls for comments at least once a month? Or where, rather?

Significantly contribute tutorials. - Do I create a post that becomes a sticky, or contribute to an already made sticky (provided it is still open to replies).
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  1. I have not seen anything about how to achieve the Teacher badge. It is a mystery on how to achieve.

    A few months ago, Joe created a test Attaché post that a few posted on and achieve the badge. It looks to only be a feature Admin's can create for members to post. Joe or someone would have to post & do it monthly to be able to reach anything above the Bronze.
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. That feature isn't quite ready for our little crowd, as some of it is still in the original French. But we'll be doing them at some point in the near future.
  4. Hey there dipankar2007ind. Yep, I manage the community team, which consists of moderators and community reporters. I'm located in the US.
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