$700, Help?

I have a budget of 700(Tops), I was really hoping to get this computer:
It was at $600 so I got pretty excited but it was sold out and there was no Auto-Notify a little weird. So I just waited till it went in stock, but when it went in stock it went to $750.00!

So, I want to know if there are any good computers like this around my price range.

I was thinking maybe getting a dell with some good specs and just upgrade the graphic card, bad idea? I would be using it for playing games and videos. Probably get these questions a lot but could you help me out.
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  1. The Apevia case and 6670 are kinda low end for a $750 build, IMHO. I also wouldn't even consider buying it if I couldn't figure out the PSU maker as well.

    As far as the DELL plan goes, they are going to short change you on the PSU if you buy one so you have to buy a better PSU and a better graphics card if you try to go that route.

    If you can find a DELL that has everything you want for, say, $250 less than your total budget, then you can buy a PSU and video card with the rest and do OK.

    That being said, you may just be better off trying to piece things together individually. You can get a legal copy of windows 7 for about $100 and spend the other $600 on parts and probably get something better than the deal you linked.

    I am in the middle of making a guide targeted to people on low'ish budgets that want to just plug and play when they get their parts with no configuration headaches. You may want to look it over.

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