Damaged Motherboard, Cooler Master CPU Fan & More

Here's a quick rundown of what my question relates to:

Purchased Coolermaster's 212 Evo CPU Cooler.
Tried to install it on my Gigabyte Z77-DS3H

During installation, I broke my motherboard's CPU pins. Am now not able to start computer, since during start up, it starts for 1-3 seconds and then shuts down again--yes, EVERY cable that is necessary to be plugged in IS plugged in. My other fans don't turn on after those seconds have passed - nothing turns on after those seconds.
Does damaged motherboard CPU pins cause this or am I looking into another problem?

I am going to re-purchase this motherboard and try again. I want to know whether it's worth going through this hazard to install the 212 Evo CPU Cooler, or whether I'm simply better off using stock cooler (which keeps CPU at 30C during idle).
It is tremendously difficult to install - very difficult to put in words. Even when not applying any major force during installation (though necessary), it still seems to be at the verge of damaging my motherboard's pins, although the 212 Evo IS compatible with my current motherboard!
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  1. Could you provide a pic of the bent pins?

    The EVO can be a pain , if your not use to that type of bracket setup.

    Sorry to hear this.
  2. No camera, sorry. Can describe it for you, perhaps:
    The upper left corner is completely evened out (pins bended down),
    as well as minor part of the right upper corner and right middle.
    There seems to be a few small pins bended here and there - nothing I could possibly even out.
  3. Yes , then you will need a new board for sure.Damage of that extent is permanent.
  4. Do you think I'd be able to return my Gigabyte motherboard after I've (possibly) failed to install the Coolermaster cooler, a day after purchase, and while the board pins have been damaged - referring to the new one I'm going to purchase?

    If not, I might just have to give it up. Won't take the risk of losing 150 USd (~5 x DKK ≈ 750 Danish kroners)
  5. They won't take a return of a motherboard that condition.


    This cooler is similar,but much easier to install.
  6. Yea, I'll probably buy something similar to that.
    Since 14 days haven't passed since my purchase of the Coolermaster Evo, I'm thinking about returning it to buy another product.

    Missing a screw and one poorly designed little piece of plastic. Curious whether the producer will accept the absent one screw and tiny bracket - you think they will?
  7. Never hurts to try and send it back.The one i posted will give similar results with a much easier install.

    Keep me updated ' i'll keep the thread open.
  8. Bad to hear that :(
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