Need to know if it will work

OK im building a computer and i need to know if these will work with each other. ASRock Z77 Extreme-4 LGA1155, Intel i5- 3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz, and HIS IceQ H787Q2G2M Radeon 7870 2GB.
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  1. Yes, they will work.
  2. ok thank you
  3. Yes but you're missing the most important component, Power Supply, what is the make and model?
  4. Corsair HX Series HX750 SLI ready crossfire ready 80 plus gold certified modular
  5. Yeah you'll be fine!
  6. ok thanks, ive put my whole system build in the new build forum part if u wana check it out. its under 1500$ build
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