Fan Speed Problem (Too High)

Hello guys.I'm not sure if everything is OK with my system because i'm having really big background noise.I checked the fan speeds in AIDA 64(and EVEREST) and the CPU and GPU speeds were fine (idle ~ 1000-1200rpm) but the PSU is at 2700rpm.It's Cooler Master Elite 460W . I don't know what do to,is it normal to run at so high (in my mind) speeds?
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  1. The CM Elite doesn't have a dongle to plug in to the mobo. I doubt that the reading you're getting in Everest/AIDA is actually the PSU; more likely an inaccurate reading. What are your system specs? Have you tried removing the side panel to get a better idea of which fan is actually making the noise? Maybe try Speedfan; it will allow you to control some of your fan speeds. Increase/decrease your fan speeds to see if you can ID the culprit.
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