How to check for system stability with new build?

Hey guys,

Just finished my first build!

I'm curious now to ensure that everything is installed properly, and that temperatures are okay, ect.

How do I check GPU, CPU, and MOBO temps? What are optimal temps for these components?

I have a i5-2500k with stock cooler, GTX 560, and ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68. How can I ensure that air flow is sufficient and temperatures are in healthy range?

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  1. Use a software such as Core Temp.

    A good CPU temp is around 60C.
  2. Thanks. What about during times of strain, like gaming?

    BTW sorry about the double post. I tried to delete the extra, but it won't let me for some reason.
  3. cpuz for cpu info
    gpuz for gpu info
    coretemp / realtemp - for temp monitoring

    you can do stress testing using prime95, S&M or orthos to see how your system will handle under 100% load but with stock cooling i doubt its a wise idea as you can will probably go pass 80oC. i suggest investing in an aftermarket cooler if your getting high temps

    idle temp high 20 to mid 30oC is good
    under load mid 40 to mid 70oC is good
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