Is the power supply compatible?

i want to upgrade my computer power supply because i want to put a radeon hd 5670 graphics card and i really want to now if the computer well work fine in a corsair cx430 Psu and if be will fit the graphics card correctly
here is the pc Model
i buy it like in the year 2005 thats why i think that the power supply maybe is not compatible
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  1. That PSU is more than you need; a Radeon HD 5670 doesn't have a power connector and the stock power supply probably is enough.
  2. so i can put that videocard on my pc and will work with no problems?
    WEll the motherboard haves a 1.0 pci x16 and the graphics card is 2.1 is compatible?
  3. You won't know for sure until you try it, but it should work.
  4. well i have a 300w power supply i think with that works the video cardd!

    well yeah i am gonna tried and isnt works a refund it
  5. Even with that additional video card, your system won't draw 300W.
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