Motherboard Compatibility?

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  1. Yes they're both compatible. But I'd get better RAM to be honest.
  2. I agree with the previous poster. I've installed a lot of RAM lol.
    Some may disagree but out of all the RAM I've dealt with, Patriot was always the worst for me. I've NEVER ever had to RMA a stick of Kingston or Corsair. I've also gone with G.Skill and Crucial a lot and have only had 1 problem with each brand which, compared to how often I've gone with them, isn't bad at all. The RMA process for both was extremely easy and painless.

    But Patriot, I had so much trouble with each stick I purchase that I no longer buy any of that brand. When I did have to RMA it, the process took so long that the tech even upgraded me to a bigger stick (that'll tell you how ridiculously long it took them to get back to me). I test every stick with memtest86 and Patriot always fails. I only stick to Kingston usually. Sometimes G.Skill, Crucial or Corsair.
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