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Hey guys im was wondering if you guys would help me with my gaming pc build. I would like to build a great gaming pc and I do have a build in mind that i will put down, and hopefully you all can help me with my build with advice and tips or other build suggestions! Thanks and her it is.


CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.3 GHz. i dont want the intel i7 cause im not going to be video editing or anything like that just pure gaming $219.99

Mobo:ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 Any other thoughts? %189.99

GPU: EVGA SuperClocked geforce gtx 560 $199 anything better for about the same price?

Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) ddr3 12800. $85.99 or should i get less memory but faster?

HDD:Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200 rpm $139.99

PSU: COOLER MASTER GX Series SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply $109. If you dont think its enough let me know or if you just wanna suggest another!

Drive: I'l either get a Blu-ray or just a $25 cd drive. I have a PS3 anyway so probably just the cd read+write drive.

Thank you all. My build will probably be from $900-1100. Please help and suggest if you feel that there is something better i can get for my money or if im doing anything overkill or I need to beef up my build! Agin it will be a gaming pc. Probably playing BF3/ SWTOR / Skyrim/ others. Thank you
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  1. Case: Go with the Corsair 600T. Same price, more features.

    CPU: Nothing to say about it. One great CPU.

    MoBo: ...You have to realize that that's a Micro ATX board, which is much smaller than a standard ATX board and so won't give you very much flexibility. Go with this Asus board-
    Great MoBo by a great company. Will allow for future upgradibility and will last a long time.

    GPU: So, the whole build looks very high quality but for a gamer, the most important piece of a system is the video card. A Video Card is responsible for... video. The FPS, lag, etc. will all (mostly) be stressed on the video card. Although the video card you picked is decent, if you're building a rig like this you wanna at LEAST go with the gtx 560 ti SuperClocked-
    In case you don't know, the gtx 560 and the gtx 560 ti are two very different cards. The gtx 560 ti is a whole different, and better, video card. It also has one of the best (if not the best) price-performance ratio compared to ANY other mid-high end card. Also, I hope you're looking to SLI in the future because two of these will manage some really, really amazing graphics. You would be able to play BF3 on Ultra with AA x4 (just saying) and BF3 is one of the most demanding game out there.

    Memory: Person after person makes the mistake of getting 16gb of RAM. At least 2/3 of the posts I've answered has someone saying they want 16gb of RAM. Go with 8gb. It is much more than enough. Not a single gamer in the world will use the full 16gb of RAM. Also keep in mind that more RAM does not mean that it's quicker. It's like getting a Hard Drive. More storage space does not mean the Hard Drive is quicker...

    For the Hard Drive, go with a 250gb or 500gb Hard Drive. Prices are very high right now and will lower in the coming months (look it up) because of the floods in Thailand.

    PSU: I'm not sure what PSU that is and whether that will be enough because you did not specify the wattage. Get a 850w PSU from Antec, Corsair, or Seagate. All good quality companies. Sorry, but Cooler Master does not make the best PSUs...

    Just get a $20 Drive.

    Hope this helped!

  2. It's a bit overkill on the motherboard and definitely on the RAM. Get the 8 GB kit, that's more than you'll ever need for gaming.'

    For the mobo, try this:

    If you're going to SLI, though, maybe you will want to stick with the one you picked.

    Is that PSU, the 750w one? At Newegg it has a $30 rebate.

    Think about the HAF 922. I have that one and it's freaking huge and everything I would need. You'll save a bit of $ to put towards the following:

    GPU, get the GTX 560 Ti. With the money you saved from changing out the other components I suggested.
  3. Hmm well if that PSU is 750w it'll work for future SLI, too. Go ahead and get that PSU. Especially if it has that $30 mail-in rebate. I guess you could go wi th the HAF 922... But I really do suggest the 600T. A truly marvelous case. I recommend you go ahead and stick with that MoBo I linked, as it will last you a very long time and so will that processor so if, say, you wanted to SLI 2 GTX 560 ti's you would have to spend a lot more money on an extra MoBo.
  4. whats wrong with having a matx? If you are only running a single gpu there is no need to have a huge mobo. Even then, that mobo (maximus iv gene-z) has another slot for a gpu, its kind of tight, but throw a good cooler to blow on it and you have no trouble doing a SLI, you do run x8/x8 though. That mobo gets high marks for what you can do with it.
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