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Radeon hd 5450 doesnt recognize my second monitor vista 64


I have been using my computer with an older NVIDIA card, to which I had connected 2 LCD monitors.

My old graphics card rode off into the sunset last week and I replaced it with a VisionTtek Radeon HD 5450. (I don't do games, hardly ever watch videos, I use the PC mostly for business and for some AutoCAD work... Rarely some Photoshop, so the resources available in these types of cards are more than plenty.)

Installation went well, but I am having trouble with the fact that the card does not detect the second monitor.

The card has a DVI and a VGA output. Both my monitors (NEC MultiSync EA221WM) have DVI male connectors. I purchased a DVI to VGA adapter and plugged both monitors. For whatever reason, the monitor installed in the VGA plug is not seen by the card.... I tried to unplug everything, to re-boot, reinstalled driver, etc... Nothing makes a darn difference.

Does anyone have any idea what I coudl do, short of reurning the card?

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    VGA is analog DVI is digital unless the adapter is a (active) converter it will not change analog into digital.
  2. DVI supports analog RGB signals (DVI-A) but the monitor has to support analog input from DVI-A. Usually people use those dongles for the opposite, DVI on the card to VGA on the monitor but if your monitor doesn't support VGA you need to get a different card.
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