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I was looking into buying the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, because i already have a astro a40 mixamp plugged into my pc and i don't feel like I'm getting the best sound out of my sennheiser pc360's. I was going to buy this card and plug the headphones directly into them, but after reading into some other forums, i have found people saying that a headphone amp would add greater benefit with this sound card and i don't understand why this is. (Sorry I'm rather new when it com,es to sound hardware)
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  1. If you have high end headphones (we're not talking Bose or Beats), it takes quite a bit of power to drive them, power the soundcard dosen't have on it's own. It will still produce sound, but the quality won't be as good.
  2. I nderstand what you mean. You're saying if i have studio quality headphones like top end senheisser hd series, but as you can see from what i've said in my post i don't, i have the sennheiser pc360's. After looking into the ohms level of the pc360's it looks like it's 50 ohms, and the output impedence level of the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD is about 330 ohms, so by that logic, shouldn't the soundblaster be able to power my headphones with ease?? (Sorry if this reply sounds snotty lol it wasn't meant to be, i just need some reassurance :na: )
  3. Yes, the card would really only have issues driving something like the Beyerdynamics DT series, AKG 701's, Sennheiser HD600's, etc. that have a impedance somewhere between 300 and 600 Ohms. I know that my AKG K240's are 55 Ohms and neither the Audigy 2 ZS or SoundMAX HD Audio chipset had issues driving them.
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