Will my PSU handle 6970?

Im planning on upgrading my card from 6870 to 6970 and currently im using a PSU which is Cougar RS 550. Will it handle the card? I dont some research and 550w is enough for the card but i wanna know from the experts. Thanks!:)
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  1. It's enough IF you dont OC CPU too high because a 2600k OC to 4.8GHz is about 200w already... It's enough only if you don't OC lol...
  2. Should be OK. 6970 uses about 300w max. Should be no problem unless you're planning to run a lot of extra things on your computer along with heavy overclocking.
  3. Thanks a bunch!you guys never fail :D im OCing anything so i guess i will upgrade..now all i need to measure is the length cuz im using GA-880 usb 3 mobo and its MATX mobo with NZXT vulcan. So far my 6870 fits but i had to use L Sata Connectors.
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