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Hi, im building my first PC, and was wanting some of yalls guys input on wether or not i got the right stuff, i have compared prices all over and finally got the cheapest prices on the stuff i want. is the stuff im wanting to get, plus i am getting windows 7 ultimate OEM.

If you could just leave me your inpunt i will take it into great consideration, Thx :D
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  1. That build will work, but there are HD 6850 or HD 6870 cards at the same price that will perform much better.

    You might also want to consider an Intel system. By getting a cheaper case and moving down to 8 GB of RAM, you can get an i5-2400, which will perform much better in most situations, particularly gaming [1]. Unless you have specific editing or rendering needs, you won't miss the extra RAM.
  2. Also, you should get this instead of this if you want to overclock. If you don't want to overclock, even the i3-2100 would be a better choice.
  3. Uhh... For the price you can do a lot better. Check out my $600 build here:
    You'll save money and get a better PC.

    i5 2400 vs 970:
    6790 Review:

    The reason I post that specific review is because the 6790 is quite a bit worse than the 6870, but the 6790 beats the 550 Ti pretty much in everything. So with that said it'd give you a good idea where the 550 Ti places with the 6870. The 550 Ti is a little better than the 6770/5770 so here's the 5770 vs 6870 to give you an idea.
  4. Thanks for the replys,
    Ya i might do a bit of 3d animation and sort on Autodesk 3DS max, but other than that it will be a gaming computer. My budget in all is $850. Also i am going to use this case, no questions asked

    If somone could put me one together on that would meet my needs i would gretly appreciate it. :pt1cable:
  5. Well I just gave you a build, the $600 build in my siggy is good enough. Just compile the parts onto newegg.
  6. ok thanks. Did you previously use this build? If so did you have any problems with it?

    Sorry if it seams like im asking alot but kinda stressed out because i dont want to get a crappy computer but cant go over budget :/
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    Haha no worries, well I haven't used this build but from what others tell the motherboard is good, if not great. The chip is amazing for the price, better than most AMD chips of similar price, and the 6870 is a great card. As for the PSU it's a great PSU and reviews have been pretty decent for it.

    All in all you should be good .

    If you've got $850, there should be an i5-2500k in there. You can easily overclock it to 4.4 GHz for about a 40% speed increase.

    Since you're set on that gigantic case, I got a full ATX board, with heatsinks on the VRM and an 8-pin power connector. Compared to a budget mATX H61 board, this one can overclock, should run cooler and be more stable, has more RAM slots in case you want to add memory, and has another PCI-E slot if you want to Crossfire later.

    RAM: G.Skill or bust.

    I chose that PSU because I was having trouble finding something with cables that would span that gigantic case of yours from a bottom-mounted position. I actually use this exact PSU, so I took the side panel off my computer and checked to make sure the motherboard power cable would be long enough.

    With shipping, I think it comes out to $855. There's also $25 in mail-in rebates.
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  10. sorry i accidently out an 8, meant to put a 7, but thanks anyways.
  11. Good luck!
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