New build psu issue

My PSU is making an awful noise, constantly when turned on. It was all fine before, but I had to take the mobo out to check that the CPU fan was secure. Which it was. I then put all the parts in correctly. But now it's making a buzzing noise
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  1. Please list your full system specs. Indications of how old the parts are would be nice too.
  2. Coolmaster 650v
    Intel i7 2600k
    Coolermaster Elite 430 - Case
    Asus P8Z68-V LX Socket 1155 - Mobo
    XFX Radeon HD 5830 - GPU
  3. Update - I removed my PSU just to check if the fan had something in it. I then span the PSU myself and it made the noise again. I THINK it hitting against one of the wires behind the fan.
  4. Raiddinn said:
    Please list your full system specs. Indications of how old the parts are would be nice too.
  5. Try to take out the video card and just use the onboard graphics and tell me if it still sounds like it is hitting the wires in the fan.

    Do you have a different PSU you could borrow from somewhere?
  6. Found the issue, thanks for the help mate! Now back to the original issue.

    My CPU is at 90c. Checked with speed fan and checked with the BOIS. I've made sure the Stock CPU fan was secure. It has the thermal paste which came with it. I have case fans placed correctly.
  7. What was the problem with the other thing?

    As for the CPU temperature, are there any BIOS updates available for your motherboard? Some people report being able to reduce CPU temperatures with newer BIOS versions.

    Do you have fans in all the places that allow fans?

    Front - Inbound
    Side - Inbound
    Rear - Outbound
    Top - Outbound

    like that?

    Also, are you sure those push pin things are in right? Sometimes it feels like it goes in right but it doesn't. If you can push the fan around sideways it probably isn't on right.

    Did you apply the thermal paste yourself? If so what method did you use?
  8. Yes, please update your bios and re-seat your heatsink.

    90c is way to high high. Also, d/l a program like HWMonitor or RealTemps and report back the temperature either of those programs report,

    Your system, assuming it is stock, should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 65c under load or less.
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