Crashing to Desktop cant find the Issue!

Hi, i have been getting this issue alot recently where when i am in a Game (Dead Island, BF3, Skyrim etc) after awhile of game play the games randomly crash to desktop with no warning no errors or anything of the sort. I run a Sli set up but reverted back to single screen and was still getting the same issue. Now i have removed 1 Gpu and running just single screen off the card left and it seems to have solved the issue. Could this be some sort of a power issue?? I have linked my PC specs below.

Windows 7
Intel i7-2600k 3.4Ghz
8gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
Nvidia Gtx580 x2
Corsair Gold AX750 Psu
Asus Sabertooth motherboard
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  1. Do you have a legitimate copy of windows?
  2. Your power supply is at fault.

    Note the GTX 580 SLI setup pulling 719 Watts.

    Turning on vsync will limit your frame rates which MAY help.

    You could also try underclocking them a little... but you really need a PSU rated for those cards
  3. Yeah thats what i was thinking i reused this psu from my old pc need to upgrade. And yeah using legit windows.
  4. You might also check your temps with gpuz while gaming. Depending on your case setup they may vary significantly with one vs 2 GPUs. These cards are supposed to throttle if they get too hot but maybe between the drivers, the newer games, and high temps its causing a.glitch. vsync wouod also help keep them down by limiting frame rate
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