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not sure where this should go but anyways...

just wandering what you guys from tom's use for a alarm tone (for those of you who dont always just wake up on the right time every morning... or afternoon)
was thinking i could get some good suggestions too
i use my Nokia phone to wake me up in the morning and just switched my alarm tone from "Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me" to "Circle of Life - Lion King"
thought that circle of life would be pretty appropriate as a morning alarm tone as it acts as the opening of the film and the film opens with a sun rise and all that morning stuff...
unfortunately it's not doing a very good job as a morning alarm...
wouldn't mind hearing more stories from tom's!
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  1. Set it to NPR or a podcast. Waking up to people speaking is 10x more pleasant than:

  2. this is really interesting... ive never thought about that
    you recommend any podcast?
  3. I think there is an app that starts an app for you at a set time for android. You can set it to auto start an online radio app with a station of your choice and its like a radio alarm clock, but with online radio station from your phone. Of course, you have to have 3/4G or wifi on overnight (I don't know if the app can turn on the connectivity you need for you or not).

    And my alarm tone is "Now We Are Free" for the morning.
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