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I have a unique situation. I have a neighbor who lets me use his wireless internet, but because he is several houses away the signal is very weak. To solve this problem I built an antenna consisting of an old k band satellite dish and a usb wifi adapter. The antenna works great. But I would also like to be able to use the internet on my laptop without plunging it into the dish. So I got a wireless router to connect to the desktop computer with the dish and relay the internet signal.

I set up the router and it appears to be working, I can access the configuration page from the desktop and the laptop. I selected internet connection sharing on my wifi connection in network settings on the desktop computer. It appeared to work, Google loaded on the laptop. Then I restarted the desktop and now its not working. Somehow I screwed this up, not sure what I did though.

Thank you in advance for your help all powerful anonymous networking guru.
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