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6950 Crossfire lag

Hi everyone!

I seem to be running into a problem....

I have 2 HD saphire 6950 in crossfire, when I run battlefield 3 I seem to get choppy frame rates on High settings, ~48-60 fps.

With crossfire disabled, the game actuallys runs faster at ~60fps and stays. I have tested with V-SYNCH disabled and it just seems no matter what, crossfire runs much worse than a single 6850.

Is this a known issue? I feel as though the 6950 in crossfire should be getting steady and decent frames on 'High' BF3 settings...I have the latest Catalyst drivers and profiles.

My other specs are fine, running on a 2600k (HT disabled) and 8 gb ram etcetc...

Thanks everyone!

**UPDATE, I've noticed in MSI Afterburner that GPU 2 is in use despite the monitor being plugged into GPU1. Is this normal??? I disabled crossfire and GPU2 was being used rather than GPU1....however in crossfire, both cards are used accordingly, but it seems GPU2 is acting as the 'main' display card despite the monitor being plugged to the top card.**
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  1. Try newer drivers if you haven't already. 11.10 preview 3 with cap 3 or 4, what ever is newer. Cap profile gets installed after and separate from Catalyst
  2. I've installed the latest drivers already. I think there seems to be a problem with the card / PSU...

    A game like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim, when the card is under load I can hear a buzzing noise. Whenever there is slight lag or a stutter the buzzing noises will cease and after a second when things run smoothly again, the buzzing noise continues...Could this be a faulty PSU?
  3. Buzzing as in the motherboard speaker or just a random noise?

    What PSU are you using?
  4. purple stank said:
    Buzzing as in the motherboard speaker or just a random noise?

    What PSU are you using?

    I'm using a corsair HX1050 watt. Its a buzzing noise and im pretty sure its coming from the PSU. I noticed that whenever there is a stutter or lag in Skyrim, the buzzing will briefly stop for a second.

    Its more the idea that im not getting the correct performance from these two 6950s. I can only run battlefield 3 on high and I still encounter lag moments down to 30 fps whenever I zoom in with a scope.

  5. I was hoping for a silky smooth game experience on at Least a 'high' setting for battlefield 3 and skyrim. Skyrim I know has a list of known issues with ati cards given the drivers are not yet supported, especially crossfire.

    But I feel as thoguh the amount of stuttering that occurs in battlefield 3 is not fit for my crossfire setup. Any ideas? Is this 'stuttering' a driver issue for anyone else?
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    It sounds to me like just another case of the crossfire syndrone.For unknown reasons crossfire setups perform strangely whether it be driver support or game support but that can also be said about lots of multi GPU setups.What's strange is that AMD just released the new drivers and the say it resolves a lot of these issues.
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  8. Cheers, yeah I've been looking around and alot of people are having some troubles with the latest 11.10 cataylst drivers.
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