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Can you get an adapter to make 2 pci express slots?

I was very disappointed to see my new motherboard i ordered in with quad core 3.1 GHz has only one PCI slot and I'm wondering if you can get a second somehow. I don't have very high expectations for the answers knowing the motherboard has to be compatible with SLI or Crossfire to be able to even use it and they wouldn't make it compatible if it only has one to begin with. I have been looking at lots of gaming computers and a popular setup seems to be two GTX 660 TI SLI that scores equally to some very expensive single graphics cards in hardcore games. Anyways any help would be appreciated and any suggestions for graphics cards in the heavyweight division would also be appreciated.
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    There's no way to add another slot without buying a different motherboard.

    Your best bet would be to not spend the money on two 660ti's and just buy one 680 to top out that single slot motherboard. Or buy a different motherboard with multiple slots, but then you're dealing with microstutter that you wouldn't get from a single 680.
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