Which Graphics Card should I get?

I'd like to put a graphics card into my hp microtower dx2000, and want to know what the best card would be (I'm currently using my on-board graphics card: Intel Extreme Graphics 2). Yes, I know this is an old machine, but bear with me. Here are the qualifications the graphics card must meet:

-Must be a PCI card
-Must be compatible with an Intel 865GV chipset/Penitum 4 processor
-Must be compatible with a 250W power supply
-Must be compatible with Windows 7 (?)
-ATI Radeon or Nvidia
-Pixel shader 2.0 or higher
-Compatible with DirectX 9.0 or higher
-Budget = $50 or so

Games I'd like to play on this:
- League of Legends

HP microtower dx2000 specs:

Thank You!
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  1. yea..................maybe a 5450?
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