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Hey everyone,

I'm still totally undecided on what gaming monitor to go for... I have a £300 price range maximum would prefer to spend a lot less but, I want something that's gonna be descent and lads.

I've read alot into 3d monitors probably being better even if im not using the 3d... which I would probably use now and then and have seen a few kits which include the nvidia glasses etc.

Ive looked online for reviews for ages and can't seem to settle on anything as I don't relaly wanna buy a monitor whic was released a year ago and would prefer something new.

Would be very very greatful if anyone could link me a descent monitor... prefrabbly between 24" - 27" although I feel that using a 27" for gaming @ a desk may be a tad to big.

Many thanks in advance once again.
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  1. If you want 3D, then go with 3D (and I'll let others with 3D experience chime in).

    But if you want a great gaming monitor, go with any with IPS panels, such as this one:

    Or, the monitor I have which I absolutely love: (Its only 10 pounds over your budget, surely you can squeeze that).
  2. Cool cheers for the feedback mate, yeah i've been eyeing up that dell for a while now, don't normally wanna ever touch anything dell but that seems qutie well made.

    also that last Acer you linked have been looking into that. Just so hard to decide where I wanna splash out but atm I think the dell is to expensive wanted to spend around 250 mark tops but if something really caught my eye go to 300 xD
  3. Well, I've avoided Dell monitors since early 2005, but that monitor is really something else. Honestly, it was worth every penny (or whatever equivalent you have there, haha).

    But whatever you want to do, just make sure you do research into it so you know exactly what to expect and not have expectations that out-weigh what a monitor is capable of (been there, done that).

    Though I have to admit, that Acer is mighty attractive for the cost...
  4. If you do decide to take the 120hz 3D route just keep in mind that there are two different standards out there. One is DL-DVI for nVidia, while AMD runs their 3D through HDMi and Displayport.

    So take the Samsung SA750 $349.99 this is considered one of the better 120hz screens out there, but unfortunately it only sends a 120hz signal over Displayport, meaning it's of no use to nVidia users.
  5. ah thanks for that a4mula... I probably would have just jumped in unknowing :P. any 3d monitors you can recommend. am using nvidia gtx 560ti
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