Computer Won't Boot and Monitor Won't Respond After BIOS Update

This is what happened, I updated my bios, usb ports, and sound card at the same time without knowing the risk. Those software I got it from HP (my computer's company). I restarted my computer and then my mouse and keyboard wasn't working so I force power down my computer. Now the monitor won't respond.

My Computer:

Things I have tried (most likely incorrectly):
- RAM Reseat
- CMOS Reset
- Battery Reseat

- After CMOS Reset the monitor responded 3x. keyboard didn't work and I had a keyboard error so I just shut it down and retry which is how I got it to respond 3x
- All the other ones had no effect.
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  1. BUMP
  2. ^ hi. never bump posts, against forum rules. Clear cmos through jumper. hopefully, if this is a BIOS flash gone bad, jumper resetting might revert to old BIOS.
  3. Have you installed anything else in the PC like a video card? If so, remove the video card before turning on the PC again. Try using different connections for your PC. VGA and DVI typically work 10/10 times though, the only one I've used that has ever had issues was HDMI.

    BIOS updates aren't a good idea unless you have the specific problem that they fix.
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