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So, I've spent the last while researching cards, looking at benchmarks, and generally gathering information for a new computer I would like to build. My intention with this is to play bf3, skyrim, and the like on its highest settings on my 52" tv. My tv is capable of 240hz refresh and high resolutions ie 2560x1600. So, what I'm confused about is what card will be capable of this with good fps. I've been looking at dual msi 570gtx pe/oc frozr iii
A standard 580gtx
Or a 3 gig msi n580gtx lightening
Part of the issue I have is that I've read in a few places that bf3 can be very vram heavy and 1.2 or 1.5 gigs just doesn't cut it. So would it be worth it to get the extra 1.5? Also, bare in mind that if I get a single 580 right now I will be adding another at a later time, but price is also a concern. Not that I'm strapped, but just would rather not spend the money needlessly.
I've flip flopped my mind a couple times and so much conflicting information it can be hard to make a decision. All help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. 1.5-3gb of vram for a 580 would be great for your position.
  2. for that resolution I would either SLi some 570s right off the bat (which would be 2.5GB of vram), or go with a 3GB 580 with the intent of getting annother one if it is really needed.
    Only problem with the 3GB 580 is that if you really need the SLi then you wasted money on the extra ram (because you would have 6GB in SLi). But other than reading benchmarks there is no way to know if the single 580 will do the trick, so you would want the 3GB version in order to give it a fair shake. I suppose you could spring for 2 580s right away, and just get them stock with 1.5GB each and know that it is about as good as it gets right now.
  3. The gtx 580 is one of the only cards that are able to make use of the more bandwith because its processor is a bit more powerfull. Nvidia was very clever in that aspect

  4. putting to cards in sli does not double the memory. 2 - 1.5 gig cards is still only 1.5gigs of memory.

    if you can get 1 580 then by all means do it. You can't get any better and I don't think you would need to sli it any time soon.

    how come I can't see the prices on the cards......... ?
  5. So, after a little more digging I think I've decided on the msi n580gtx lightning xtreme edition. From everything I've seen the 580 can handle BF3 and skyrim pretty well, and can only benefit from the extra 1.5 gigs of vram (I've seen people posting usage rates of 1200-1400 mb on traditional 580's in bf3. On ultra mind you, but it becomes noticeable in busy areas). Also, I never realized that it was using twin frozr III technology and with a haf x case I'm not worried about air flow. Also from what I've seen so far it also has stable power distribution for overclocking (never done it, but with this rig I intend to). The only real issue is that the card will cost me $600. A tad cheaper than 2 570's, but I may require some more thought into my psu. That is something I just recently began to learn about. On that note does anyone have any forum posts or articles they can recommend on calculating power usage? I used an online one called extreme power supply calculator (basic) and it quoted me at just over 1000W min. Mind you that is at 90-95% capacity and I don't want to have a number spit out at me. I want to know why.
  6. Nice! Now save up for another 600 and add another
  7. at the bottom of this article there are a few links to calculators. get a PS a little bigger than you need.
  8. this site sucks sometimes........ here's the link
  9. "my 52" tv. My tv is capable of 240hz refresh and high resolutions ie 2560x1600"

    Please link your television, so I can buy it.
  10. 240hz ha! Do you believe that BS lol
  11. gnomio said:
    240hz ha! Do you believe that BS lol

    Thats how they get money from us :fou:
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