What is the best z77 mobo

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  1. If you are looking for the best from the list, I would choose the v-pro
    if you are looking for the best value in a z77 board I would choose asrock z77 extreme4
    if you are looking for the allout best board imo asus maximus z77 extreme
  2. i go with the ASUS SABERTOOTH
  3. Estacado said:
    i go with the ASUS SABERTOOTH

    Sabertooth is a great board but the heatsink on it gets in the way and holds in heat... If I got it I would remove the thick black plastic trash on the board and let it breath.lol
  4. I like the sabertooth. Plus a 5 year warranty is nice. I have the x58 version and have been happy with it.
  5. I haven't had any problems with overheating regarding the Sabertooth and I have both assist fans off at the moment, heat is a non issue with this board I don't know why some people keep posting miss information. As far as overclocking goes all the Asus boards pretty much overclock the same, it's not till you get to the Maximus series of motherboard's that really open up options that are mostly used by extreme overclockers that most likely use Ln2.

    Out of those the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO would be my suggestion it's options and price are great, unless the Sabertooth really appeals to you. When I was looking to buy one my pick was between the -V Pro and Saberooth and since I was able to pick up a Sabertooth for $190 with the purchase of a i5 3570k I went along with that option.
  6. Sorry guys, my mobo guaged about 5-10 celc. hotter according to asus ai software with the shroud and then when I removed the shroud, it dropped about 10 deg. cel. as a result, my cpu temp also dropped a couple of degrees...
    All of the usb plugs on the board were hard to fit because you were just fishing the plug into a hole and couldn't see what you were doing! Plugging little fan plugs was an extreme pain for the same reason.As were the plugs from the front of the case.

    The temp being higher was not enough to endanger my board or other components, but it was definately warmer with, than without.
    All in all, the board has absolutely nothing to offer that you don't get with the v-pro but for some reason, they want you to pay an extra 25-30 bucks.
    That is all I am saying.
    It is a waste to add the plastic and cause difficulty that you must pay more for. Other than that, like all asus boards I have ever used, it is a great board
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