Radeon 6870 graphical glitch

I've just received the Sapphire Radeon 6870, installed the latest driver (11.10) and I'm having an odd graphical problem with Photoshop and other software. In fact, the website title text on my Firefox windows is 'fractured' too.

The problem is difficult to describe, please see the image.


As you can see, it's not just graphic intensive software like Photoshop, but even the Catalyst install software, where you can see the 'Select Installation Operation' image is messed up.

The problem isn't alleviated with an older driver, 11.8.
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  1. I should add, it's working fine in XP on an old hard disk, but the problems remain with Windows 7 (64bit).
  2. You ever get this fixed? Are you overclocking? Could be a overheating issue. I recently overclocked my 6870 and I noticed those squares myself appear in Crysis when I took it too far. Might want to go into Catalyst Control Center or download TRiXX and manually crank down the speed of your memory clock. Little squares disappeared after that for me. Just for reference, here's some info I got from some other site via Google:

    Stock Settings
    Core Clock: 900MHz
    Memory Clock: 1050MHz

    OVERCLOCKED Settings
    Core Clock: 1055MHz
    Memory Clock: 1235MHz

    Try it. Try this too: http://riseofflight.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=350&t=15707

    Thinking about it further I have an old ATI card that did the same thing. Sure enough, the ram on the card was all jacked up. Probably from overheating. Anyway hope you fix/fixed the problem.
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