Worth going from GTX 275 to 6850?

Hi guys, new here and could do with your help and expertise, I currently run an XFX GTX 275 896mb XXX and I am considering getting an XFX 6850 XXX, would the slight performance boost be worth it or should I be looking a little higher in the foodchain for an upgrade, any help is definitely appreciated.
I will be running it with i5 2500k SandyBridge 3.3ghz, 8gb of Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600MHz CL9 DDR3, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and playing on an Asus ML239H 23" IPS LED Monitor. As my monitor is 1080p I'd ideally like to play all games in that res on high settings however I dont mind dropping the res slightly (considering a lot of console games are sub-HD, anything over 720p is a bonus as I'm mostly console).
The 6850 is currently £99 at Scan on today's Today Only deals which seems like a fair price, something like a 6870 or GTX 560 (non TI) is a £50 jump in price. So, is it worth me upgrading? Thanks lads.
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  1. The performance boost would be roughly 15-20% on average at 1080p. You'd also get DX11 compatibility and better power efficiency but personally I'd aim for a more substantial upgrade if you are going to bother.
  2. Agreed. It's a bit faster, but not noticably so. You really want a 6950 or GTX560TI.
  3. Only thing is we are talking nearly twice the price for a 560ti, hmm, not sure which way to go
  4. Just been checking and they also have an evga gtx 460 superclocked for £115. I know the 460 needs 2 6pin connectors but ive got a tw750w psu so power isno issue.
  5. The GTX 460 is basically equal in performance to the HD6850. The overclock will make some difference but you could easily overclock it or any other card on your own as well.
  6. I am also upgrading from a GTX 275. I dont think it is worth it, 6950 or GTX 560 Ti make much more sense.
    At the very least get a 6870
  7. I completely get what you are saying but its just the price thats the issue, also ive been reading that the 460 is quite the overclocker. Really stuck now.
  8. You need to look at it from this way:

    Your system looks good and will hold you over for quite some time but if you get a 6850 now you will not be able to enjoy games at the highest setting for long. In fact that card will have problems with current games.
    And then there's new money to be spent.

    I think the absolute best value for money is the 6870, it is about ~20 pound more than the 6850 but I really think you are getting your money's worth.

    If you cant afford it now but can wait a little longer I would advise to wait another month or two, which is also what i am doing. GTX 560 Ti's might also be available for a lot less by then if you are able to spend more, otherwise 6870 will still be a great choice.
  9. True, cheers for the advice, there is a 2gb msi 6950 for £200 today only. Think I may take the jump in price and get it.
  10. Actually looking at the benchmarks I might just stump for the 560ti
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