4G Cradlepoint Router keeps resetting

I'm trying to get an MBR1000 Cradlepoint 4G router working, but every time I plug the 4G aircard in, the router constantly resets itself about every 10 seconds or so. If I take the aircard out, the router is fine (of course doesn't have internet connection), and I can plug the card into a PC and it works fine. I talked to Verizon, and they told me that the air card that we DID have wouldn't work with a router, so they exchanged it and gave us a newer one. The 4G card is the Pantech UML290. Any ideas on why it might be doing that? I've tried everything I can think of, including updating the firmware on the router (and the router's 4G firmware), I've reset the router to default settings in case a setting got messed up. The guy at Verizon told me that I should basically be able to plug it in and have it work.
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  1. It may be that you need to update the firmware again to support the Pantech UML290. We now fully support the UML290 in our firmware releases - which the earlier version you had may have been our BETA.



    You will not need to update the 4G Firmware Driver for your modem.

    FROM THE RELEASE NOTES (fixes from previous firmware release)
    Pantech UML290/LG VL600 3G Connectivity Issue (no connect/frequent disconnect)
    Pantech UML290/LG VL600 LTE mode general performance improvements
    Pantech UML290/LG VL600 LTE mode Lost IP Lease recovery
    Pantech UML290/LG VL600 non-default DNS Server support improvement
    Pantech UML290 Signal Strength display update

    Please let us know if this works for you.

    - Wendy @ CradlePoint
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