[SOLVED] Help choosing a case from limited selection

Hi All

I live in a middle eastern country and let's just say we desparately need our own newegg. I am stuck with a limited selection of cases for my new build (i5-2500k, Asus Z68 Pro) and not interested in paying high shipping prices for the cases (they're heavy).

So here is what I am stuck with:
COOLER MASTER Elite 311 Plus (RC-311P-TWN2)
Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition (VN40006W2N)
Corsair Carbide Series 400R (CC-9011011-WW)
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer (SGC-1000-KWN1) +1
Antec Eleven Hundred (Eleven Hundred) +2
Corsair Carbide Series 500R (CC-9011012-WW) +5
Antec P280 Black ATX Mid Tower (P280) +2

(UPDATED) My only requirements are:
- that it should have decent/acceptable airflow (gets really hot in here!)
- Good dust guards/filters (you guessed, hot and dusty!)
- and has front USB 3.0 I/O ports

Your help is much appreciated. My current preference is the CM Storm Enforcer
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  1. Antec eleven hundred is the best case out of all of them!
  2. +1 Antec eleven hundred
  3. The Eleven Hundred getting some love!

    I will be updating the original post as I get votes.

    Thanks all :)
  4. 1100 or 500r!
  5. Someone over at Anandtech recommended the Antec P280

    When I did some research on it, I figured out that the )280 shares the same Chassis as the Eleven Hundred, but the Eleven Hundred has better airflow at the expense of louder noise

    I think with how the weather is in the middle east, I would tolerate a bit of noise for better cooling
  6. Corsair Carbide Series 500R as it has the best cfm inflow from the 2 front fans...
    the p280 is a very solid case and hard to pass up if you want quiet understated looks.
  7. and here comes one more thumps up for 500r.
  8. Damn! 500R coming from behind to take the lead

  9. i am sure 500r will win at the end
  10. Peeps recommending the 500R, is that what you're currently using/used in the past?
  11. I don't have a P280, but I have it's predecessor the P183 and I love it. Of the cases listed I would go for the P280 or the 500R.
  12. Guys, another thing came to my mind:

    Will better cooling/airflow (and thus more fans) accelerate dust build up problems?

    Where I live it can get dusty at times (I know the, dust and heat, the bane of electronics! but I have to live with it...)
  13. Thanks recon-uk

    I see that the 500r and 1100 both have removable dust covers

    problem with the silverstone is that it is not available in my country (but should be given its dust blocking abilities which you mention!) so it will cost me my left kidney to ship 25 lbs internationally
  14. Oh Noes!

    A review on TechSpot is dinging the 500R for being wide open for dust from the side panel:

    Lacking side panel dust filter, Only mATX and ATX mobo support, Fans could be a bit more silent
    A full $40 (40%) more expensive than the 400R, Dust can easily enter the system

    Just when I thought I found the right case :(
  15. Best answer
    see brotha,no case is "all good"
    everyone of them has some pros and pick up the one that suits you best.
    from me,i would suggest 500r or nzxt's a great tower for it's price.
  16. You are right

    I might buy dust filters for the side panel to keep out the dust
  17. still it won't 100% dust proof :(
  18. True, but as you said, there isnt one cast that is dust proof in that list.

    It just means I'll have to maintain the case and components very frequently :sweat:
  19. ^and you know one thing,it's fun!
  20. If you find that your dust filters aren't keeping out enough of the dust, then you can try putting cheesecloth over the intakes. A single layer is thin, catches fine dust particulate well, and is very inexpensive. I've used it on ventilation systems that supply air to electronics. Just don't make it too thick; 2-3 layers thick should be good. It will reduce some of your airflow so monitor your temps when you first install to make sure you still have sufficient cooling.

    Edit: An exaple of cheesecloth:
  21. Thanks for the tip on using cheesecloth :) seems like a very inexpensive idea to block out some of the dust

    I might give it a try while monitoring temps
  22. Going for the Carbide 500r guys with DEMCIflex dust filters for the side covers (if I can figure out where they sell them!)

    Thanks for all the help everyone!
  23. bigjoday said:
    Going for the Carbide 500r guys with DEMCIflex dust filters for the side covers (if I can figure out where they sell them!)

    Thanks for all the help everyone!

    i am sure you won't regret that case,it is of the best case IMO.and select any 'best answer' to solve the topic.
  24. Best answer selected by bigjoday.
  25. Budget 400R, If you can spring for it 500R
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