Trying to install drivers, keeps asking to generate a diskette

Right now under the UEFI, I have 2 sata devices detected. The optical drive, which is an ASUS DVD-RW. Also a 1 TB HDD from toshiba. Both connected, both recognized.

When I do a boot without the uefi, it asks me to generate a diskette (floppy drive) of which I have none installed. I have tried several different ways of boot priority, and nothing seems to help.

I just want only my HDD and Optical to be read on the boot, with optical first, so I can install the drivers to my HDD.

Motherboard is an ASRock Z77 Pro4. If you need more details, let me know how I can help you to help me :)
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  1. Hi,
    What Windows are you trying to install?
  2. Windows 8, but the manual is saying to install the motherboard driver disc first.

    However, at work, talked to a buddy and he said do the OS first, THEN do the driver disc.

    Lovely manual ASRock has put together. Will try this method.
  3. Yes, Windows firslty, then the drivers.
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