Well my Cooler master Extreme Power 700W comes with only 2 6 pin connectors which are creently in my GTX 560 Ti and im going to get another GTX 560 Ti and Sli em up but im not sure if my power supple will run these sli for 2 reason not enough power and there are only 2 6 pin connectors and i need4. on this build i have 4 sata cables left and and i think one 4 connector left

My specs
CPU: Intel i52500K@3.3ghz
MOBO: Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
RAM: 2x4gb G.Skill Ram
HDD: western Digital 1TB 4get rpm
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
PSU: Cooler master Extreme Power 700W

4 Chassis Fans
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  1. How old is that Cooler master Extreme Power PSU?
    And is that the full & correct model name?
  2. Your PSU?
    COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS700-PCAAE3
  3. Its 4 weeks old
  4. Then the model I listed is probably the one you have.
    It's data plate lists 52Amps +12V power which should do nicely.

    But some CM PSUs are known to have trouble living up to the data plate specs.
    Here is one reason we're concerned.
    A review of the 600W model: Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600 W Power Supply Review
  5. Centre Com for Gamers spec sheet for that PSU is wrong.
    Efficiency is 80% and it has a single 12V 'rail'.
  6. True so what power supply do you recommend from

    Cause ill be getting sli soon and i guess ill have to buy a new psu
  7. It's not just having 2x PCI-e power connectors. There are ways around that shortage.
    I just have concerns that PSU might not be able to output its full rated power in all conditions, like the 600W model.

    I'll look around for a decent PSU on that site.
    Have you ever worked with the website?
  8. Im australian so...
  9. So is
  10. ohh sozz i just assumed every one is american
  11. Everyone IS a 'merican of course. ;)

    XFX ProSeries 650W Core Edition
    53Amp +12V power and 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 6+2-Pin power connectors.
    right amount of power and right amount of connectors.
  12. Some lower prices on that PSU - check shipping charges to find the best deal:
    XFX 650W Core Edition
  13. i would say no your psu needs more grunt... and more 6 pin connectors...
    the above cosair unit is nice but i prefer a little more headroom so i would get a 750w model...
  14. Well thanks for the help, my current psu is *** for cable managment and its just not good enough so im gonna look for a good quality 750 wat or even ill just go complete overkill and get like 1000W so i dont have to worry if have enough power later on because i upgrade regulary. Im gonna buy that next month because im buying an ssd on friday
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