Please help decide on DVD

I'm trying to decide on a DVD player for my PC... if you could help me decide that would be great. I have already hear about how great the Pioneer 16x is but i'm looking for quality AND PRICE! hows this one....

HITACHI 12X/40X INT w/Software GD7500
Data Capacity, 512KB Buffer
Includes Win DVD 2000 $59 + $13shipping

any other ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. The price seems pretty good, but as for quality, I don't really know. I've also had good luck with Toshiba.

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  2. I Just got a Toshiba 12x for something like $80 and it works just great.

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  3. so does noone know if that hitachi is a good one?????????
  4. What about a PS2? hehe
  5. The Pioneer offers Baldurs gate on DVD!
    And is 16x!
    And is better than the Hitachi!
    It also come with WinDVD!

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