Asrock z77 Extreme3 and evo 212 cooling!

Hello guys, I am new to this place so sorry if its in the wrong category!

Alright my "problem" is that my i5 3570k stock cooler is extremely noisy, even at idle so I decided to change it, I now ordered a coolermaster 212 evo which im going to install instead!

My question then is, if anyone know if theres a solid back plate enforcer for the cooler added on the back of the motherboard, that can assist this new cooler weight or if i have to install the one that comes with the cooler? Problem is, I use an old chieftec tower, so just being able to look for it, will require me to remove everything except cpu, therefor I would like to ask if anyone have installed a evo 212 cooler onto a ASRock extreme3 z77 or if anyone can say with 100% certain that the motherboard got a back plate installed that will easly hold this new cooler!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If the question is in anyway badly described, just say, my native is not english so im not that good at typeing it, but if its a problem to understand my question just say so and ill try to describe it diffrently!
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