Installing an Ivy Bridge CPU on a MoBo with unknown bios rev level

I want to put together a Hackintosh to replace my wife's aging MacBook Pro. I have an ASUS P8P67-M Pro at rev level 3.0 that I bought almost 11 months ago for a build but never used. I am not sure what the bios rev level is and is it compatible with 22nm technology.

My question is if I buy an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and plug it in the MB will the system boot if the bios doesn't support 22nm technology?

I suppose I could take the Sandy Bridge CPU out of my existing Hackintosh and plug it in the ASUS MB to update the bios if required but prefer not to. Also, I want to use a Ivy Bridge CPU with the ASUS MB.

Cheers - Mike
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  1. Hi, There is a barcode sticker on the motherboard (near one end of the RAM slots). The last 4 digits on the sticker stand for the BIOS version.
    Then check here
    what CPUs are supported.
    As an option, since the BIOS chip is on socket, you can order a BIOS chip (ASUS eStore in US or ebay) flashed with the latest BIOS version and replace the board's one.
    It's not difficult:
  2. Hi alexoiu - thanks for the info. You've been a great help.

    Cheers - Mike
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