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I have a Packard Bell computer including Windows7. I just bought Canon laserprinter LBP7018C. I tried to install the printed to my computer, but coudn't do it. I think Pacard Bell doesn't support Canon. Is it possible to install this printer to my computer at all? Do you have any advice how to solve out this problem? Thanks for your all help for beforehand.

With best regards, Sari
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  1. Error messages? What exactly did you do to install it? Packard Bell and Canon are two different companies, if the printer does not work, nothing to do with Packard Bell. Just about any printer will work with any computer, as long as there are drivers for that model for the operating systems and the computer has the correct ports for the printer. Even that is not always an issue as you can emulate other printer models and buy whatever interface card you need for a printer.
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