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I just got a new PC last week and when i play games like skyrim and Deus Ex: Human Revolution i get bad stuttering while looking round and what not. I have great fps about 60 but it stutters when i look around adn im only playing these games on medium setting and getting the same problem. i am using a old dell monitor so could this be the source of the problem. i am going to get a new monitor sometime next month but i just want to know if thats the problem or its a problem with the pc.

AMD Phenom II X6 3.3 GHz Processor
AMD Radeon 6970 HD
8 gigs of ram
and old monitor i don't know the name but it looks something like a Dell P793
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  1. This issue would have nothing to do with your monitor. It seems that everyone is having problems with stuttering in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Skyrim is even more demanding, but you seem to have a decent enough rig that you shouldn't be having problems. Try turning off V-Sync.
  2. Skyrim gives most people stuttering. I find it's especially bad if I'm looking at the ground, like when picking ingredients. Oddly, if you go to 3rd person view, the game is smooth as silk.

    I'm not sure bout Deus: Ex, I played it a little and it was fine for me, but maybe david is correct that it also suffers from stuttering.

    There really isn't a ton you can do about it besides a graphics driver reinstallation and maybe make sure all your chipset drivers as well as mobo BIOS are up to date.
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