Which Shipping Company is Kindest to Your Packages?

Hi guys.

Always we see CPU test, GPU test, RAM test and those other stuffs. Always we help people with rigs problems and many times we find that the component is DOA. But Does that DOA comes from the manufacturer? or is a shipping company problem.

I found this interesting article about those company shipping that carries our components from Newegg, Tigerdirect or Microcenter to our hands to enjoy it.

See article here

What do you think now? Which shipping company will you use in your next buy?

Original source: popularmechanics.com
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  1. In my personnel and work experience, I believe FedEx is the better carrier to ship through. I have much less recorded / reported damage going through them than with UPS.
  2. When available, I go through DHL, but short that, FedEx does seem to handle things a bit better from anecdotal evidence.
  3. UPS has always got my delicate items from Newegg, to me, without any real issues.

    I've had packages delivered from a few other shipping companies, and it looked like they were sent via H. R. Shove 'n Stuff, from Ace Ventura.
  4. I agree that UPS and DHL are excellent when it comes to electronic items. Never had a beat up box or any defective parts arrive when they handle packages.

    I rarely go through FedEx, but I did this time when I ordered a new TV (old one busted) from Dell. The shipping statement said it would be here yesterday (the 1st), but upon checking the tracking, I knew that wasn't possible because for some odd reason they shipped it from Georgia to Indiana then back to Tennessee and finally to Illinois.

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