Could i have a motherboard failure

So i was just on a skype call when suddenly my computer crashes, No blue screen or anything just a sudden black screen and a loud beeping coming out of my headphones. I then turned off the computer at the power switch and restarted the fans all power on but it is not posting, there is nothing being shown on the screen. I have been reading online and it could be a CPU isssue two since the two seem to have the same failure symptoms.
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  1. There are a number of issues which can lead to that behavior - what are your full system specs - make and model if pre-built. Has any hardware been added to the sytem lately?
  2. ___Specs____
    Core 2 Duo 3.6Ghz
    Asus pk5l-am epu Motherboard
    3GB DDR2 Ram
    500GB HDD
    750w PSU

    Nothing has been added since i built it
  3. What brand/model is that psu?
  4. Often when a computer crashes without notification, it's due to a power issue. When that happens, it doesn't provide enough powered time for the system to generate a blue screen message. I imagine that is where Wanderer is looking by asking about the PSU which would be my concern also here (not all PSU's are created equal)
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