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Howdy Tom's readers,

So, I bought the parts for my first build and they will be here in a day or two. I've been researching for days and am confident on being able to put it together and set it up. However, I'm not as confident about tweaking/optimizing the SSD, this is my first experience with ssd. from what I've read there are some things that most people agree on and some that they dont (like most things i suppose :P). With that being said, here is what I'm planning on doing:

enable ahci mode, disable system restore, disable hibernation, limit page file (from what I've read I will have 8 gigs of ram, so I can limit it to about 1024mb) here are a few links that I've read, ,

I have also read that moving the user and program data folders is helpful, , this seems like a touchy one and I'm wondering if its actually worth it?

So thats my plan of attack. I have a crucial M4 120 gig and am wondering if I'm on the right path, if I've missed any major tweaks or if anything I've listed is not beneficial. I plan on only putting windows 7, wow and skyrim on the SSD (maybe starwars the old republic in the future), while having a smaller 500gig HDD for storage. Thank you for reading this post, didnt mean for it to be so long and thank you in advance for any responses :D.
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  1. with 8 gigs of ram you can disable the page file I disable it with 4 and there is no noticeable loss of performance at all... plus windows seems to love putting crap in the page instead of ram which is slower so losing the page file will force the system to use more ram which is actually beneficial... moving the users and programdata folders is fine, but the movement of the actual program files is problematic at best in windows 7. I recommend instead of moving the program files change the install location for anything you don't want installed on the SSD to a different drive. Although, with a 120gb ssd you should be able to put all your programs on the SSD with no problem and use the 500gb for movies, music, etc
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